Thursday, April 17, 2014


a.   Large changes in the estimated regression parameters may occur when a variable is added or deleted, or when an observation is added or deleted

b.   Individual tests on the regression parameters may show the parameters to be non-significant

c.   Regression parameters may have the opposite algebraic sign than expected from theoretical or practical considerations

d.   The confidence intervals for important regression parameters may be much wider than would otherwise be the case. The solution to these problems may be to select the most significant of the correlated variables and use only that in the function 


One way to assess the possibility of multicollinearity among your study variables is to perform correlations. If a correlation coefficient matrix demonstrates correlations of .75 or higher among your variables, there may be multicollinearity.
The common interpretation of the computed regression parameters as measuring the change in the expected value of the dependent variable when the corresponding independent variable is varied while all other independent variables are held constant is not fully applicable when a high degree of correlation exists. This is due to the fact that with highly
correlated independent variables it is difficult to attribute changes in the dependent variable to one of the independent variables rather than another. The following are effects of fitting a function with high correlated independent variables:


A widely used procedure for comparing all pairs of means is DMRT. Its application is similar to that of LSD test. It stands for Duncan’s Multiple Range test. It involves computation of numerical boundaries that allow for the difference in classification between any two treatment means.

An experimenter who looks the data and then proceed to calculate simulateneous confidence interval for the few contrast that looks interesting.

Multicollinearity occurs when variables are so highly correlated with each other that are difficult to come up with reliable estimates of their individual regression coefficients. When two variables are highly correlated, they are basically measuring the same phenomenon or construct. In other words, when two variables are highly correlated, they both convey essentially the same information.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Organic factors causative to Fatness

The most important factor which causes Fatness is the organic factor which is impracticable to make a diagnosis and hard to cure. Disorders arising from neuro endocrine irregularity within the hypothalamus root chemical disturbances. Genetic factors have been known but Fatness is cannot be obviously reason as hereditary. Fat increase in the body show the way to inactiveness. Overindulge is regarded as a main cause of obesity but investigate has not confirm this. Well-liked theories have recognized carbs as the major factor. Currently it is considered to be fat which is the cause for burden gain/inability to lose heaviness. Set-point theory proposes that people are planned to maintain convinced fat stores. Lepton in the human body control body fat accumulates in the body. People who are overweight have high lepton levels suggestive of a stoppage of our body’s answer to leptin. It may be due to a shortage of receptor sites and inadequate glucagons-like peptide (GPL-1) which harm signal alleyway.

modern researches in the fields of genetics demonstrate that metabolic transform place some people at risk and the way which the corpse stores fat play a part in Fatness problems. A solitary unified cause cannot be identified for Fatness. It is therefore the effect of complex connections between several causes.   

Fatness in Children

The number of children suffering from Fatness keeps on increasing rapidly and rampantly. The best medicine to cure this is in the hands of parents who should take an active part in the prevention of childhood Fatness before it is too late. Prevention is the key to keeping your child/children from being faced with other serious illnesses.

Some children used to consume more food, especially chocolates. When it comes to chocolate they will give up everything to win a chocolate. A part of the food that they take is converted into energy which is needed for doing work. The rest of the food is being stored in the deeper layers of the skin as adipose tissue which is the basic building of Fatness. This creates Fatness if not put into perspective early enough.

Exchange Diet:

An exchange diet works because it is a meal plan with a number of varieties from many food groups. They offer adequate variety and the monotony is not at all an issue in this case. Exchange diet is more convenient to pursue. The structure enables you to plan ahead and offers convenience and it offers enough variety such that boredom generally isn’t an issue. Within each group, foods are about equal in calories and can be interchanged as you wish. Additionally, with this type of diet you learn lifestyle skills that enable you to keep your weight off permanently. One of them is pre-packaged diet

These diets require you to buy prepackaged meals, which is a great convenience and a structure that most people can handle successfully. Perhaps, purchasing two meals a day plus snacks can be very challenging. You should learn how to portion your food but again you don’t want to eat the prepackaged food for ever, so you’ll have to learn how to maintain your weight once you’ve reached your goal.

Kamalesh - Part 2

Second, Pedro the strangest boy has no body only have head, wings, and legs he sort of like a bird but he can’t fly in the sky. Pedro was so bored that he could hardly sleep forever. First of all, Pedro is just a toy then Mrs. Fizzle made the same portion that she is doing it right now. Suddenly Mrs. Fizzle laughed whoa ha.....
              Third, Pedro got little curious about what Mrs. Fizzle was doing, so Pedro went to Mrs. Fizzle’s room and saw that Mrs. Fizzle was really working hard this time to make the magic portion and accidentally knocked the portion down the floor and the door was open the portion went into Mrs. Maddox’s class Pedro got more afraid this time.

               In conclusion, Mrs. Fizzle got really angry that she make Pedro into pieces of wood so she did. Everyone knows Mrs. Fizzle is a nice witch, but when they heard the news about Pedro they all were scared of what Mrs. Fizzle had done to Pedro.